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All Bodies Trainers

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Julie Stone
Founder of All Bodies Community + NASM, CPT

My passion for finding CMT friendly ways to exercise, started with my own story. I have Charcot Marie Tooth, Type 2A and I’ve  always loved fitness. I’ve been active throughout my life, although, in the past, I’ve struggled to find exercises that were right for my body. Because of this, I decided to learn more about fitness and CMT and I turned my hobby outward to help others with CMT find safe and effective ways to exercise. I’ve made it my mission to adapt classic exercises to work for those with CMT at whatever stage of progression they are in. I strive to build workout plans that match their energy levels and specific needs. Each individual has unique fitness journey that is ever-evolving and my biggest goals are to have them feeling more stable moving through their everyday lives and feel stronger throughout their whole body. I believe goals are essentially to success, but fulfillment comes from learning to love your body during every step of the process. During our time together, I'll challenge you to create goals for yourself AND encourage you to love your body during every step of the process. I can't wait to start working with you!

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Julie Barnett

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of how important it is to be healthy and fit through heart, mind, soul, and body.  Since we all age and most develop some kind of challenge, this will allow people to enjoy life better, move longer and enjoy being around family and friends.  Movement is so important to us all especially if we have challenges, such as CMT, that affect us in different ways over time. 

Although I have a neuromuscular disease, Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder (CMT2A) that tries to limit me, I have put my fitness experience and training to use, changing and modifying workouts as needed. Over the years, I have changed what I've done physically to match my challenges at the current level. I have been a gym rat, ran and biked for enjoyment, to the various walking/jogging and hiking to backpacking, biking, to getting back into the gym for myself. Since becoming a group fitness and personal trainer to help others with their fitness goals, I mainly wants to show and teach people that they can move, it just might be different than the way their friends and family move. Exercising and eating mostly healthily can slow or stop the progression of many diseases. So let’s all move more today than we did yesterday. Keep on Keeping on. 

I am a NETA, Certified Personal Trainer, a certified Revelation Wellness Group Fitness Instructor, Outdoor Leader, RevX Instructor; ACE Group Fitness Instructor; FitOps Certified Veteran Fitness Operative. Outside of All Bodies Community, I lead two classes at a gym, one being strength and the other stretching. When I can, I lead class outdoors and short hikes. I am a member of a few groups in my community as well and a moderator of the CMTActive Facebook group. I enjoy sewing, quilting, crocheting, other crafts and camping when I have time. I am an Air Force (AF) Veteran, lives in Huntsville, Alabama, with my husband who is an AF retiree. 


Shannon Johnson

My passion for inclusive and accessible fitness came from my own experiences. Growing up, the athletic aspirations I once held closely slowly became tucked away each time I found myself being teased by a teammate, peer, or coach for the tremor in my hands, slap in my gait, or my easily injured ankles and wrists. Not knowing the reason behind my clumsiness or my small calves, I struggled to find a sense of community in fitness-centered areas and avoided many forms of exercise in fear of injury and criticism. The part of me that found peace and mental clarity in movement was still there though

and found solace in yoga. It wasn’t until later in life that I found the answers to my lifelong limb limitations. At the age of 26, following a surgery that exacerbated my symptoms, I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease, CMT1a. Through working with a physical therapist who taught me ways I could safely and effectively exercise, my passion for fitness reignited. I became a registered yoga teacher and obtained my CPT through the American Council on Exercise and resolved to make the fitness industry a more inclusive place where everybody is welcomed and celebrated. I’m excited to meet you on your journey through finding meaningful movement!

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